NDIS Social & Recreational Activities

When it comes to building independence and social and economic participation, engaging in NDIS social activities is key to effectively supporting people living with disabilities.

Bridges Alliance delivers social and community activities to NDIS participants and other disability support services that reflect their interests, needs, capabilities, NDIS goals and enhance our client’s experience and enjoyment of life. We aim to provide these activities within a safe, controlled and fun environment where our clients can feel at ease no matter the activity.

From leisure, sport, health, weekly vacations, learning new skills to peer-related social and community activities, our recreation supports strive to improve our client’s wellbeing through enhanced social engagement and inclusion with everyday events. NDIS social activities may be as simple as:

  • Visiting places of interest like parks, beaches, museums and other attractions
  • Going to the movies
  • Joining social groups with peers and friends
  • Participating in physical fitness activities, athletics and sports
  • Attending sports games, concerts and community events
  • Taking part in creative projects, courses or workshops
  • Gaming and social activities in the home
  • Outings and social events for both our clients and their families
  • Friday footy and homemade pizza nights
  • Monthly themed client events and more!

Recreational activities are part of everyday life, and often we take them for granted. Whether it’s taking part in an art class with friends or playing a casual game of footy, these are activities everybody does for fun and can work wonders to improving general health and wellbeing.

When we talk about recreational activities funded by the NDIS, we mean the extra funds and supports needed for NDIS clients to take part in these daily activities confidently.

Under the NDIS, you may be able to ‘get out and about’ with your NDIS plan with the help of the Assistance with Social and Community Participation. The following Assistance with Social and Community Participation, or Support Category 4, is an NDIS funded support category that you may find in your NDIS plan under Core supports.

This funding covers NDIS clients who might need to meet beneficial health goals relating to participating in a community or through social and recreational activities as listed above. Supports funded under the category need to be determined as necessary depending on a client’s NDIS plan goals. For example, you can use this funding to have a Disability Support Worker offer support to you to travel to and attend physical events or even a concert.  

NDIS social and community participation funding can also assist in covering support for activities that are both centre-based or out in the community at higher intensity rates. Rates paid for support workers may vary based on the day of the week, or the intensity of support required of an NDIS client for that particular activity, so you don’t have to pay out of pocket.

If you are self-managed, the experts at Bridges Alliance can help you negotiate payment plans with your support workers on your behalf and assess your eligibility for the fund. Don’t hesitate to reach out to your team if you’re unsure how to use the funding in your plan for social and recreation supports.

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