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With expertise and a wealth of knowledge, Bridges Alliance aims to provide its clients the recommended unending support coordination within a community that they can trust. We work with all NDIS clients one-to-one and assist them through navigating their disabilities support, and ensure their NDIS plan and the services they use are best suited to them.

Support Coordination Services

What’s the role of an NDIS support coordinator? To put it simply, our job is to ensure you are living the life the way you want and ensuring your NDIS plan reflects your needs and supports you, and is utilised in the way that best works for you.

Our Support Coordinators are focused on providing personalised, quality and ambitious targets and outcomes for our clients – their record is second to none!

Bridges Alliance ensures our clients secure the best possible opportunities and outcomes within their NDIS plan to support their lifestyle options and life goals. With the capacity and knowledge, our leading support coordination team can work with you to assess whether your NDIS plan is effectively negotiated and implemented from the moment you come onboard with us. Right from the beginning of our journey together, we holistically coordinate your network of supports, plan for your future needs, and support you through milestones, outcomes and hurdles along the way.

Our coordinators work closely with clients, families, carers and stakeholders to plan and design a personalised NDIS strategy that guarantees the delivery of required personal support and to help clients achieve their lifestyle and personal goals. We then link our clients with the appropriate resources, services and networks in their support circle and community.

Our NDIS support coordinators can help you with:

  • Understanding your NDIS plan, with a focus on flexibility, value for money and how to best meet your goals
  • Assist in setting up service agreements
  • Liaise with people in your circle of support (family, friends, therapists, doctors, mainstream supporters)
  • Build confidence and skills so you can better coordinate your supports
  • Help you monitor how your funds are being spent
  • Help you monitor your goals and outcomes
  • Assist in preparations for your next NDIS meeting
  • Connect you to other service providers should you so wish


Our Process

Stage 1: We’ll match you with a dedicated NDIS support coordinator and arrange a meeting in person (if geographically possible). We’ll talk about your NDIS goals, go over the funded support categories available to you, talk with your family and friends in your support network to compile a comprehensive picture of your life, and answer any and all your unanswered questions. From there. We can create a program that reflects your NDIS needs, goals and aspirations.

Stage 2: Your support coordinator will meet with you regularly to determine how well your needs and goals are being achieved. We can help you navigate through the NDIS by coordinating and connecting you to funded support in our delivery service environment, walking alongside you every step of the way.

Stage 3: We’ve established your services and supports. Now it’s time to keep you on track. We’ll keep regularly updated records of your progress so you can have something to bring for your next review plan with the NDIS, (every year). At Bridges Alliance, our NDIS support coordinators will strengthen your skills and capacity so that you are fully comfortable with managing your own plan yourself.

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